Abstracts of Bath County, Virginia Will Books 5 and 6 (1843-1875)

                                                  compiled by Holly Wanless Cochran
                                                           ISBN 0-9666399-0-1                                                       

Will books are fascinating reading, because in addition to a wealth of information about
family connections, these records provide a picture of the emotional relationships within
families and information about how and where they lived and who their friends were. By
paying careful attention to the provisions of a will, you may deduce the order of the
children in the family, which child was the favorite, and which sons-in-law were disliked
by their fathers-in-law. Some wills even mention the parents or grandparents of the
testator, allowing you to extend your family linkage further back. By following the estate
settlement records through the years, you may discover who the children married, where
they moved, when they came of age, and which family members or close friends were
chosen as their guardians when they were minors.


Since Bath Co came out of Augusta, Botetourt, and Greenbrier counties, and originally contained portions of Alleghany, Pendleton, Highland, and Pocahontas counties, you'll find many families from those counties in this book, plus a few folks from adjacent Rockbridge Co. A companion volume to Jean Randolph Bruns's abstraction of Will Books 1 through 4, this book takes Bath Co through the 2 decades before the War Between The States, the War itself, and the post-war reconstruction period. Most valuable, it includes many names from the critical pre-1850 census years (before the census listed every name in the household). Find those elusive missing ancestors and relatives, and perhaps discover how your ancestors were related to one another!

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