Highland County, Virginia

1860 Census
Marriages 1853-1860

compiled by Holly Wanless Cochran
 ISBN 0-9666399-2-8

The 1860 census provides a unique glimpse of Highland county before its population was greatly reduced by the Civil War and disease epidemics of the early 1860s. This census is especially valuable to genealogists because, although not required to, this census taker noted many family relationships such as "mother", "wife", "sister", "grandmother", and even "David of Jas." to signify parenthood. Although this is not a fully annotated census, the compiler of this book has added many footnotes to indicate where names differ from the 1850 census or from birth or death records. Some footnotes explain family relationships, such as step-children. The census is presented in the order it was taken so readers can see who lived in the neighborhood, and post offices are listed. The index contains all household heads, persons living in the household with a different surname from the head, and persons with the same surname but too old to be a child of the head of household (this makes it easier to locate siblings and parents).

The marriage records in the 1853-1860 marriage register typically contain the names of the bride & groom, their ages, marital status, birthplaces, current places of residence, the names of their parents, the groom's occupation, the name of the marrying minister, and the date & place of marriage. Many names in this register were greatly abbreviated by the clerk to save space, so in many cases the author used censuses and other records to determine the correct full name and included the full name in the footnotes.

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