Snapshot Before The War

1860 Census of Bath County, Virginia
With Maiden Names & Parents Added
Bath County Marriages 1853-1860

compiled by Holly Wanless Cochran
 ISBN 0-9666399-1-X


The 1860 census is one of the last official records of Bath county residents before they were engulfed in the War Between The States (Civil War). Many young men would die in the war, and many of the children shown here did not survive the epidemics of cholera, typhoid, and diphtheria that swept through the area in the early 1860s. By the time the 1870 census was taken, many of these families had undergone radical changes. The author searched birth, death, marriage, land, and cemetery records to identify the family ties of as many people as possible. Jump-start your research or fill in the gaps in your family tree by taking advantage of the extensive research that went into producing this book.

Marriage records in the 1853-1860 marriage register typically contain the names of the bride & groom, their ages, marital status, birthplaces, current places of residence, the names of their parents, the groom's occupation, the name of the marrying minister, and the date & place of marriage.

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